root@Jeongwon Jo:~# history 2022

root@Jeongwon Jo:~# history 2022


I already issued a my passport on 24, Mar.


I applied for a eta: I just need to pay: $20


I decided to go straight to the Gold Coast instead of Sydney.


The plan has changed. I’ll be staying on the gold coast or sunshine coast rather than Sydney. Estimated hotel prices up to $1500 per 2 adults


I bring a bad news. I need to be vaccinated to go to Australia. But I did not vaccinate yet. If policy not changed , I can’t go to Australia. OMG


I started temporary working in SECRET Team


I was issued ETA via Australian ETA App (paid $20)


If I will sign a re-contract, I will only work, if not, I will only study about web hacking again. Actually I already rested a lot of studying.


I changed my plans. I decided to go to Napoli because I must meet someone. By the way this is not correct yet but I’ll go to meet her in this year. And We decided to extend a contract (temporary working) for 1 month.

[+]2022.05.12 ~ 2022.05.14

The past few days have been very difficult.


I have booked a flight ticket to Rome from Asiana Airlines. (07.02 ~ 07.16 / $1700). I will go by train from Rome to Naples. The train costs $30 and takes only an hour.

here is the problem The train arrives at PM 7:30. However, in most hotels in Naples, check-in is until 8 o’clock. So, on the day of arrival, I plan to stay in a hotel near the airport and move to a hotel in the city center early the next day.

Oh, and today, when I checked the results of the IDOR vulnerability in DreamHack reported through on April 8, I got $500.

Yes.. Anyway, I hope this will happen.